Royal Ceremony of Agreement on deployment of Mobile Medical Units

King Mohammed VI chaired, on Saturday at the Royal Palace in Rabat, the signing ceremony of a partnership agreement between the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the company Mediot Technology, covering on the deployment of a program of connected mobile medical units, intended to improve access to medical services for rural residents.

This program, whose agreement was signed by Khalid Ait Taleb, Minister of Health and Social Protection, Mohammed El Azami, Coordinator and member of the Board of Directors of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, and Mohamed Ben Ouda, Predicted by the Managing Director of the Mediot company, comes from the Sovereign’s deep conviction to make the right of access to health services one of the major pillars for the consolidation of citizenship and for the achievement of global and integrated human development.

It is part of the Royal project to reform the health system and generalize social protection and represents a new model of intervention which combines local care and telemedicine. This pilot program consists of the deployment of connected medical units in areas suffering from a deficit in access to health services.

These units each include a general practitioner, two nurses and an administrative assistant. They are equipped with cutting-edge biomedical equipment enabling face-to-face medical consultations for general medicine and specialized teleconsultations via a connection with the central telemedicine platform, made up of specialists in gynecology-obstetrics, pediatrics, endocrinology, dermatology, ENT, cardiology and pulmonology.

The implementation of the program is based, in a first phase of one year, on the deployment of fifty mobile medical units connected across the different regions of the Kingdom, and more precisely at the level of forty provinces. The choice of provinces was made on the basis of an analysis of health center positioning data at the provincial level.

The first phase of the said program will require the mobilization of twenty specialist doctors for the central telemedicine platform, fifty general practitioners, 100 nurses and 100 assistants, spread across the different provinces. A budget of 180 million dirhams will be committed to its implementation.

The connected mobile medical unit program results from the health department’s efforts to combat medical deserts and improve access to health care in rural areas, leveraging accumulated experience and know-how by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, for more than 20 years, in the organization of medical caravans for the benefit of deprived populations living in areas far from medical structures.

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